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North Parramatta

About the client

We were approached by a young couple who were just about to have a new addition - not just as part of their house renovation but they were also just about to have a baby.

The challenge

At Excel Tradeworks we know that additions can be exciting but can also add a new level of stress to a family. Our job is to make sure we go out of our way to deliver a project smoothly, on time and on budget. And that's exactly what this family needed.

With a growing family shortly upon them, we needed to renovate their house to add new living spaces and functionality. This was in the form of a new bedroom and granny flat for guests to stay. They also needed to create a new bathroom and laundry.

Being an older house, we needed to be mindful of the existing asbestos cladding. The safety of this young family with a baby had to be taken very seriously.

The solution

The first thing we needed to do was demolish areas to prepare for the new extension. We engaged asbestos professions to remove the existing cladding to the house and dispose of the material correctly.

Once this was completed, we began building the two extensions for the new bedroom and the new laundry / bathroom. Knowing that we needed to work to an unmovable deadline - a bundle of joy arriving - we worked quickly to ensure we found as many efficiencies as possible to allow us to get an interim occupational certificate for the family to move into the new nursery.

Once the family had settled in, we started to lay the slab and build the granny flat. The timber clad granny flat included a new storage area with a roller door, a main living/ bedroom area, bathroom and kitchenette. All external finishes were matched to the existing house to bring the two dwellings together and maintain a succinct look to the entire property lot. This new space allows them to accommodate their extended family and friends and in the future it could serve as a home office or even a rental to provide passive income.

To finish off the entertainment deck area, we used a beautiful product which looks just like glass. It's a poly-carbonate composite, designed and manufactured by an Australian Company to provide 99% UV protection from Australia's harsh sun. The benefit of this product over standard polycarbonate is that it wont discolour, craze or crack. And unlike glass, it is not heavy and wont shatter. This makes it a winner in our books!

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What our clients think

Brian and his team worked on our home renovation project. He was a clear communicator, was extremely knowledgeable about relevant rules and regulations, and provided us with many helpful and innovative suggestions. It was also helpful that he was able to seamlessly handle the electrical aspects of the job in addition to the building works. We’d happily recommend Brian and Excel Tradeworks.

Home renovation, North Parramatta

Home renovation, North Parramatta

Angela Branox, Home Owner

The team at Excel Tradeworks have been awesome, all the way from the start (a 2 hour meeting to understand our vision) through to the end of the project. Brian and Luke have the ability to see what we want, but also the reality to let us know if something won't work, what we could do instead while still remaining true to our vision. Their professionalism is A+ and I loved how they worked in with other contractors engaged. We have no hesitation to recommending the team at Excel!

House renovation, Kellyville Ridge

House renovation, Kellyville Ridge

Mark Skrzypiec, Home Owner

We recently needed some extensive work done to our newish home after it had been damaged through the hail storms in February. Brian and his team were given the contract from our insurer to carry out the repair work. They did a professional and thorough inspection and job over a 3-4 week period. As a result we were able to get on with our lives after a trying time. We would attest to the team at Excel Tradeworks being professional, accessible and thorough.

Major loss remedial works, Kellyville

Major loss remedial works, Kellyville

Cyrus & Linaz Dubash, Home Owner