Secondary dwelling addition

Kellyville NSW

About the client

Janet and Dimitri have been living in their Kellyville home for several years. They love where they live and value the peaceful surroundings, friendly neighbours, and the convenience of local amenities. With the desire to keep their family together and provide the best care for Janet's mother, they decided to explore the possibility of building a secondary dwelling on their property.

The challenge

Excel Tradeworks was approached by Janet and Dimitri to create a comfortable living space for their elderly mother. The secondary dwelling would allow the them to care for their mother while ensuring she had her own independent space.

The challenge involved several aspects, including:

  1. Designing a space-efficient secondary dwelling that would include a single bedroom with an ensuite and adequate living areas.
  2. Ensuring that the new addition complements the existing house and appears as if it was always part of the original design.
  3. Adhering to the regulations set forth by the Hills Shire Council for a Complying Development.
  4. Finding an efficient solution to maximise the space of the dwelling while not losing the space they had in the yard.

The solution

Excel Tradeworks took a proactive approach to address the client's challenge and provided a comprehensive solution that covered all aspects of the project.

  1. Knowing the regulations: The main house had a substantial setback that, upon closer examination, revealed a change to the Hills Shire Council's Local Development Plan (LDP) setbacks over the years. This meant that rather than positioning the secondary dwelling at the back of the property as a traditional granny flat, we explored the possibility of attaching it to the main house at the front. This allowed Janet and Dimitri to retain their large backyard.
  2. Collaborative design process: Excel Tradeworks worked closely with the client right from the project's inception. We engaged in thorough discussions to understand the client's needs and preferences. Based on these insights, the team designed the entire secondary dwelling addition from concept to detailed drawings, ensuring it met the client's requirements while ensuring it was feasible to build within the client's budget.
  3. Space-efficient and functional design: The design of the secondary dwelling was meticulously planned to optimise space usage. Partnering with the Excel Tradeworks' design consultant, an open-plan layout was created that included a spacious lounge, dining area, and kitchen. The bedroom area was designed with a built-in robe and an extended bay window with a seated reading area to maximise natural light and provide a beautiful outlook into the front yard.
  4. Approval process: Navigating through the approval process can be a complex task, but an experienced builder can make all the difference. We prepared detailed drawings and plans for the secondary dwelling, ensuring compliance with the Hills Shire Council's regulations for Complying Development. By engaging with the local authorities early on, we were able to streamline the approval process, saving time and reducing potential delays.
  5. Matching aesthetics: To achieve a seamless integration with the existing house, Excel Tradeworks salvaged bricks from an existing front retaining wall. These salvaged bricks were used in the construction of the new dwelling walls, ensuring a perfect match with the original structure. This attention to detail in the early stages of the project made it possible to influence the design and ensure an ample quantity of bricks for the construction of a modern front façade.

    To further create a seamless transition between the two structures, the roof line of the secondary dwelling was integrated into the existing building to ensure the addition looked like it was part of the house and not just tacked on.

    Excel Tradeworks went beyond just matching the bricks. We also carefully selected tile choices and paint colours from the new addition to complement the existing house. By doing so, we achieved a cohesive appearance, making the new building look as if it had always been a part of the property.

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