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About the client

Our client recently moved into a new home after uniting two families. They were now a large family of seven which includes one child with special needs.

The challenge

While the house this family purchased was considerable in size, it was still short one bedroom. Also, the home needed to be modified to cater for wheel chair access and facilities.

The solution

The first thing that needed to be fixed was the sleeping arrangements. We worked with the family to ensure the designs were well thought out in how we could add a new bedroom to the home within the existing footprint. Our biggest aim when doing any additions is to make it blend in to look as though it had always been there.

Upstairs featured a large rumpus room which we were able to convert to a bedroom while still leaving space at the top landing for ample hallway access to the other rooms. While we were working upstairs, we also demolished a poorly designed built in wardrobe in another bedroom to increased the usable space for this lucky bedroom occupant.

With the bedrooms sorted, we went to work on the access to the downstairs bathroom for wheelchair access. The existing entrance for this room was only a 720mm door with floor to ceiling tiles internally. In order to make this access easy we opted for a 920mm door replacement. By retaining the existing tiling on the wall we were able to keep the budget down. It was a bit tricky, but we managed to salvage all wall tiles without a crack which was testament to our experienced team.

The previous owner had renovated the downstairs bathroom and tiled over the original tiles. This created a stepped entry which was difficult to negotiate a wheelchair. We removed a row of tiles at the entry and provided a short ramped entry to increase usability for our client.

With a space for everyone, this family now all live happily ever after in their new home.

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What our clients think

Brian and his team worked on our home renovation project. He was a clear communicator, was extremely knowledgeable about relevant rules and regulations, and provided us with many helpful and innovative suggestions. It was also helpful that he was able to seamlessly handle the electrical aspects of the job in addition to the building works.

We’d happily recommend Brian and Excel Tradeworks.

Home renovation, North Parramatta

Home renovation, North Parramatta

Angela Branox, Home Owner

The team at Excel Tradeworks have been awesome, all the way from the start (a 2 hour meeting to understand our vision) through to the end of the project. Brian has the ability to see what we want, but also the reality to let us know if something won't work, what we could do instead while still remaining true to our vision.

Their professionalism is A+ and I loved how they worked in with other contractors engaged. We have no hesitation to recommending the team at Excel!

House renovation, Kellyville Ridge

House renovation, Kellyville Ridge

Mark Skrzypiec, Home Owner

We recently needed some extensive work done to our newish home after it had been damaged through the hail storms in February. Brian and his team were given the contract from our insurer to carry out the repair work.

They did a professional and thorough inspection and job over a 3-4 week period. As a result we were able to get on with our lives after a trying time.

We would attest to the team at Excel Tradeworks being professional, accessible and thorough.

Major loss remedial works, Kellyville

Major loss remedial works, Kellyville

Cyrus & Linaz Dubash, Home Owner