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Energy efficient lighting

The correct lighting system can increase productivity and also help you drive down costs in your business.

Lighting in your office can impact your expenses but did you know it can also affect your employee productivity?

We can help you with creating a lighting system which delivers the right level of light to your workplace as well as save you money. Contact us to conduct a lighting audit for you.

How we can help you

Drive down your business costs

Cut your energy consumption by up to 85% with the latest fittings and fixtures. You can have up to 10,000x the lifespan of your lamps compared to old technologies meaning less maintenance costs.

Affordable lighting solutions

With the cost of energy efficient lighting systems now more affordable, you can install your system and enjoy the cost savings right away.

Reduce lost productivity

Lights which are too dim or harsh can create a poor atmosphere for your employees. Optimal lighting systems have been shown to boost productivity, alertness and a sense of well being. This means better work output and less time off.

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What our clients think

Thank you for your assistance in our last project. Your professionalism and honesty were appreciated. The owners were very glad we had recommended you and we look forward to working with you again.

Office fitout, St Marys

Office fitout, St Marys

Sharon Jones, Design Consultant, Accomplished Design

I know you would be as pleased as we are - we seem to have passed with 23 out of 25 for the fire safety which is the best we have anywhere - I have heard it is unusual to pass on the first inspection too. Please pass on our thanks - this is where it all counts.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army

Paul Campbell, Aged Care Property Development Manager

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