Home office in your backyard

Working from home has so many benefits. But when your home office is not working for you, it can really affect your productivity.

You can’t run a business effectively if you are constantly distracted by the washing up or you have your family disturbing phone calls. Maybe you are finding that you are needing more space in the house for the growing family and your office is slowly being taken over. Or perhaps you have employees working for you and are tired of having to hide your family’s mess from them. The other problem might be that you aren’t really that keen on having strangers meet you in your house.  

This is where a home office in your backyard can help you. You can create a space that works for you while being able to work from home. 

A home office studio on your property with a good design and great aesthetics can not only add value to your property but also provide you with extra space later down the track for an entertainment room or retreat.

We can help you design a backyard studio office to match the architecture of your house and landscape of your back yard. Our designs make sure you avoid building something that look like a large kids cubby house or a cheap shed that sticks out like a sore thumb. We also ensure our designs have measures in place to control temperature (unless you want to build a sauna or an ice room), as well as create sufficient natural light and space efficiency. Your end result will be somewhere that is a pleasure to work in.

Your space can be designed to convert later down the track into an entertainment room or teenage retreat and increase the property value for resale. Or even be able to use a for a guest room when needed.

Home office studios can be built relatively fast and carried out as a complying development in many cases avoiding a lengthy and costly DA process. As opposed to renovating your house to accommodate your expanded office, a backyard studio can be built with little disturbance to your business or household.

Contact us for a free assessment. Or read our blog to find out 3 reasons why an office in your backyard will help you.

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